Handgun Hunters International H.H.I. will take you on adventures, hunting all kinds of game throughout the world and keep you informed of the latest in handguns, ammunition, hand loading, bullet performance on game, accessory equipment, where and how to hunt through it’s bimonthly publication, The Sixgunner. Members of H.H.I. write The Sixgunner, telling of their personal adventures. Your stories and photos are actively solicited. Your participation in and support of H.H.I. can influence fair, intelligent hunting legislation, help protect your rights as a hunter and become a significant factor in the fight to keep your guns. Read More

300 Whisper ®

Whispers®: A wide range of calibers encompass the ‘Whisper®’ series of cartridges. A “Whisper®” cartridge must be capable of sub-sonic extreme accuracy with very heavy bullets for its caliber; i.e. 240 grains in 30, as well as moderate to high velocity while maintaining excellent accuracy with light bullets for the caliber; i.e. 125 at 2300 FPS in 30. The 300 Whisper® was the first of the series, and, contrary to what you may have read about it, the fact of the matter is the cartridge was designed as a multi-purpose cartridge from the beginning. Read More

6.5 MPC

The 6.5 MPC (Multi Purpose Cartridge) is a SSK development urged by Brian Hormberg (USMC) based on the 5.56 cartridge shortened and opened to 6.5 MM and the same OAL as the 5.56. In the M-16-AR-15 rifles it utilizes the 5.56 bolt and magazines as well as all other parts except the barrel itself. Its design adapts it to a short Close Quarter Battle rifle with a 12” barrel moving a 107 6.5 SMK at 2400 FPS with superior full auto controllability and excellent accuracy. The 12” barrel model easily puts it into the realistic 300+ yard combat category and longer barrels stretch that realistic combat range considerably further. Read More

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