SSK has non Destructive Device exemption for a 14.5 MM (.585″) cartridge. The 14.5 MM JDJ is based on the 50 BMG case. The neck is opened to accept the SSK 1173 grain bullet loaded over 235 grains of 5010 to fire form the case. Other bullets may become available in the near future. In the test rifle 100 yard accuracy hovers between .3 and .5″ with this fireform load. Velocity is chronographed at 26–2700 feet per second with the 1173 grain bullet. My worst 300 yard three shot group with it is 1.509″. The 750 Barnes is a real performer at 3000 FPS. Dies are in stock. Actions suitable for the 50 BMG are the ONLY ones that will take this cartridge. We recommend McMillan actions. Guns are all custom built according to customer preferences. It is doubtful that it will be possible to build one for less than $5,500.

Please do not email questions, if you are seriously interested call Tel: (740)-264-0176SSK’s 14.5mm JDJ rifle is based on a 50BMG bolt action.

The cartridge has a Destructive Device exemption. Scope is a 5×22 Nightforce. Barrel on this one is 36″ plus muzzle brake and weighs 42 pounds.

SSK’s 14.5mm Brake

Case shown (above) has been fire-formed with the SSK 1173 grain 14.5 bullet.

SSK 1173 grain 14.5mm bullet, fire formed 14.5 JDJ case. 50 BMG case loaded and ready to fire form with 235 grains of 5010.

Downrange ballistic performance of the heavy, streamlined projectile is exceptional