500 S&W MAGNUM ENCORE BARRELS now in production at SSK. This is an entirely new rimmed 50 caliber cartridge. In the Encore it will easily do 2000 FPS with a 325 grain Speer from a 10” barrel. It is not suitable for the Contender. Ammo is available from Cor-Bon. Useful bullet weights are from 275 through 440 grains. It is a very powerful medium range big game cartridge. I harvested a 450 pound elk cow with it in late November and the animal went no more than 10 yards with massive wound damage. The power level of this round is similar to the wildcat 500 Maximum and quite a bit lower than the 50 Alaskan. SSK also Has barrels in 475/500 JDJ Woodswalker and 458/500 JDJ Woodswalker.

This is the SSK ENCORE shop mule in 500 S & W Magnum with one of the cartridges. The cow elk was taken on 11/23/02 with a single shot at about 40-50 yards which did massive wound damage. She was down within 10 yards and dead mere seconds from impact of the 325 grain Speer at 2000 FPS.

A bull barreled encore with vent rib T’SOB is available in big bores (over 40 caliber) only. This one is a 500 S&W Magnum which is rapidly becoming popular.

The SSK T’SOB for the 500 S & W revolver is now available.It requires one hole to be drilled. The T’SOB has NEVER had a failure when mounted by SSK. “T” stands for TOUGH.

It is unmatched for strength and versatility of mounting.

The photo of the black gun–yep, we can make yours black too; shows the mount itself. The complete gun with T’SOB and scope mounted handles quite well and scope weight dampens recoil considerably.

10″ Encore velocity of the Factory Cor-Bon is 275/1761, 400/1843 and 440/1702 FPS.

50 BMG Bullet – 500 S&W Magnum – 475/500 JDJ Woodswalker 458/500 JDJ Woodswalker – 454 Casull