Be the first on your block to get one. SSK chambers Contender, Encore, bolt actions and Ar-15 units for this cartridge. The 6.8 used 270 caliber (.277”) diameter bullets. Nominal bullet weight is 115 grains for a velocity of 2650 from a 16.5” barrel.

The cartridge was originally a military development and cartridge head size is identical with the 30 Remington. Its purpose is to provide better wound capabilities than the 5.56. At this time its future in the military arena is uncertain. Its future in the civilian arena is assured. I consider it an accurate, light recoiling, 300 yard deer cartridge provided the right bullets are used.

This is the new Remington cartridge headstamp. SSK’s Tammy exhibits one of the high end 12″ M-16′s in 6.8

Numerous other calibers are also available.