The popularity of the AR 15 is gradually transferring to its big brother –the AR 10 type rifles. Originally it was developed for the 7.62—308 cartridge. Knight sold the first to the US Special forces and the rest is history. It has proven itself in combat in all sorts of environments. Experimenters have found the basic rifle itself is capable of successfully handling a wide variety of calibers. I believe SSK to be the first to chamber it in 300 WSM. Since then it has been chambered literally in everything that will go into a 308 modified case. All the WSM’s will work from 6.5 through the 325. After that we get into the WSM – RUM modifies cases for 416 through 50 caliber projectile. Be advised the overall cartridge length cannot exceed that of the standard 308 loaded round. One unique application is the chambering of Whisper rounds in, 30; 338, 375 and 416. These rounds are all capable of less than one MOA accuracy in both sub-sonic and moderately high velocity modes. Sub sonic they function the rifles flawlessly and suppressed are very, very quiet.

AR-10 and 15 Upper units and complete firearms are available from SSK Industries.


SSK Industries has developed a highly efficient, extremely accurate and quiet adaptation of the 338 Whisper® cartridge to the AR-10 platform. This brings a new dimension of accuracy and power to sub-sonic suppressed semi-automatic firearms. Use of the 300 grain Sierra Matchking projectile combined with the proper optics and rangefinding equipment gives an effective range of in excess of 500 yards.

This new innovation compliments the existing 300 Whisper® conversions of the AR-15 and M-16.

Both the 300 and 338 Whisper® silenced cartridges are available in bolt actions units also. All of them are available from SSK Industries.

302; 338. 375, 416 Whispers®

This AR-10 is chambered for 338 Whisper®. The 18″ octagon barrel
works with any of the 308 headsize cartridges

Fluting ahead of the gas block aids cooling–looks great!

AR-10T like the above without optics is $3080.00 in select calibers.A complete upper with bolt and carrier is $1650.00 in select calibers.Converting your 308 to select calibers is $900.00.

This version of the AR-10T utilizes a 26″ Shilen Supreme Match grade barrel
fluted under the handguard and ahead of the gas block. Optic is a
Nightforce 3.5 X 15 center focus with illuminated mil dot reticle.

This is an AR-10T example of a suppressed 338 Whisper ®.

338 Whisper® subsonic cartridge loaded to 1050 FPS with the Sierra 300 gain Matchking in the SSK suppressed AR-10 and bolt action guns is capable of accuracy of under .5 MOA at 100 yards.