SSK has been building superior quality ARs for many years in a wide variety of configurations. The 20 Tactical is one of the newest and has the ability to achieve a velocity of over 4200 FPS with a 33 grain Hornady.

The 458 SOCOM exceeds normal 45-70 ballistics when chambered in the AR with excellent accuracy and reliability. Cor-Bon loads ammo for this one. Bullets ranging in weight from 300 through 500 grains will provide completely reliable functioning. 500 grain bullets will provide excellent functioning at subsonic velocities.

In smaller bores some astounding ballistics are achieved. Examples are the 6 and 6.5 PPC (JDJ) achieving 3100 Fps with an 80 grain and 2700 FPS with a 120 grain.

Prices will vary depending upon what we are asked to build.

AR-15 UPPERS Stainless, Improved 5 Groove Rifling 5.56   6.5 MPC   6.5 GRENDEL 6.8 REM   300 Whisper® COMPETITIVE PRICING


sskindustries.com (740) 264-0176


New manufactured 300 Whisper® brass ,Hornady and Cor Bon ammunition
is now available. Call 740-264-0176 to order. 


20 Tactical 33 grain Hornady at 4200-4300 FPS in a 24″ AR 15.

6mm PPC (JDJ version) long throated to gain powder space 80 grain bullet at 3100 FPS.

458 SOCOM – 350 grain Speer at 1800 FPS, equals heavily loaded 45-70s.

Also accurate with 500 grain Hornady’s Sub-Sonic.

Currently chambered AR-15 /M-16 uppers are:

223 Remington, 204 Ruger

6mm Whisper

Others will be added in the future.