I have a special affection for lever action rifles and simply had to have a .500 for my lever guns! While a 50 Alaskan is a fine cartridge for the lever guns, the choice of bullets is but a small hand full in .510 caliber that will function properly in a lever gun. Quite the opposite is true of .500 caliber in which there are literally dozens of bullets to chose from in many weights and configurations. It was a very simple operation to take a normal 50 Alaskan case and squeeze it down to .500 caliber and start shooting. We converted existing Winchester and Browning M71s and the cartridge is a perfect fit for the Marlin Guide Guns. My rifles all have 18 inch barrels and are extremely handy and fast in action.  The 50 B&M Alaskan is capable of running the 500 gr Hornady at 1850 fps, I would consider it an extremely good combination for thin skinned dangerous game. These bullets, along with many other .500 caliber bullets, such as the 400 Sierra and the 325 Swift are excellent alternatives for the 50 B&M Alaskan. Also available now is the North Fork 450 gr Premium Bonded, along with new BBW#13 Solids and Non-Conventional bullets from Cutting Edge Bullets. This gives the 50 B&M Alaskan more versatility than any lever action cartridge I know of. The various bullets from Cutting Edge and North Fork boost the capabilities of the 50 B&M Alaskan to entirely new levels of performance. Being a rimmed cartridge it is a natural for the Contenders and Encores, in which JD & SSK Industries has taken a good deal of interest in, and many of these have been built and are in the hunting fields. It would also be excellent for many of the single shot rifles like the Winchester 1885 and the Ruger #1. SSK Industries can also build the same rifle for you in standard 50 Alaskan, which is .510 caliber instead of .500 caliber. – Michael McCourry

B&M Rifles and Cartridges 

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Browning 348’s convert to the 50 and 50 B & M Alaskan easily to provide enough power to take any animal at a reasonable range. Marlin 95 and Browning/Winchester 86 convert also. 


Tom Taylor with a Marlin 30-30 converted to 307 Win and shortened to minimum legal length. The 35 Remington also converts easily to 356 Winchester. Both conversions give a worthwhile power increase. Marlin 336’s easily convert to the shortest legal limit and are fast handling and popular.

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Marlin 95 converts tot the 50 B & M and 50 Alaskan. both calibers are capable of harvesting any animal.


This Marlin 95 45-70 easily converts to the 45-70 Whisper which has sub-sonic and high velocity capabilities delivering fine accuracy with bullet weights from 300 to well over 500 grains. And it is quiet. Shown in natural stainless finish many other color finishes are available.


Here is one of the big guys. 45-70 Whisper with the 465 grain Lehigh Defense controlled fragmentation bullet. Maximum velocity for this bullet is around 1400 FPS and recommended sub-sonic velocity is 1040 FPS.These rounds work flawlessly through the action. On impact the pre fragmented petals break off and create four wounds while the base penetrates on through. The T’SOB scope mount has 20 MOA built into it.


I doubt its I’ll ever do it again but this a three shot group from the 45-70 lever gun shot with the 465 grain Lehigh controlled fragmentation bullet at 100 yards. As near as I can measure it — .080” center to center sub sonic.


While SSK does many caliber conversion of lever guns any Marlin 336 in good condition can be converted to the 414 Super Mag Whisper. 41 Magnum reloading dies are used. The normal 210 grain 41 bullet will do around 2200 FPS from this 16.5” barrel. The gun really comes to life with a 300 grain Hornady at 1040 FPS and a 400 grain bullet at the same velocity when deep penetration is needed.


Here they are; the 41 caliber bad boy brothers. A 400 grain soft point lays on the bolt while a 300 grain round awaits its turn.