700 JDJ 032

Friend Dingle getting light the fire under a 1200 Lehigh bullet in a 700 JDJ.


  • Barrels: SSK uses Shilen match grade barrels as their “standard”; however, when Shilen doesn’t make what we need, we use barrels from other manufacturers of very high quality.
Ruger 1: A fine rifle with great potential. Customizing with the caliber of your choice increases serviceability. Re-barreling can only be done to the same basic contour as the original rifle has. That means a 458 size barrel to go to any of the larger calibers which encompass the 50 x 3 1/4″ (750 BMG bullet), 577 nitro or the 600 JDJ(577 nitro blown out straight to use the 600 nitro .620 diameter bullets – yes, this does require ATF approval – we have it). Arrestors and hydraulic counter coil recoil reducing devices are highly recommended in these larger calibers. High velocity screamers also work in the #1.
  • Ruger Autos: Both rifle and pistols can gain considerably by re-barreling and tuning the action and trigger. Match grade and suppressed guns are available.
  • Bolt Actions: The possibilities are staggering when all guns are considered; however, most of the popular rifles have limitations which we can discuss with you. XP-100s can be had in calibers including the 2.5″ 460 Weatherby case opened to 50 which is capable of 1900 FPS with a 600 grain bullet from a 13″ barrel. We also work on Strikers and other bolt action pistols and rifles.
  • AR15/M-16: Complete guns or complete upper units in all the 223 case head size calibers and Whispers®. 6 and 6.5 mm rounds on the PPC cases that are very powerful. Other wildcats. Entry guns to full match grade units. Re-barrel your upper to a differenthttp://jmwebdesignmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/BR-Whispers-003-11.jpgand/or more accurate unit. Chop your carry handle and install a dot sight mount which leaves the iron sights usable through the dot sight. Chop your carry handle and turn it into a match grade flattop with free floated barrel.
  • Maintenance/Service: A firearm is much the same as an automobile in that it should be properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis. SSK will disassemble, inspect, clean and lubricate your firearm. If any parts need replacing, we can handle it on most firearms; however, we are not in the”gun repair” business and cannot efficiently handle minor repairs. We service what we sell and a lot of units we didn’t sell.

Above: T”SOB quarter rib and Contender base.

  • T’SOB: The “t” stands for “tough”. This is the scope mount that stays on anything and gives the versatility to mount any scope with three or four rings. The T’SOB was the first multi-slot weaver rail type scope mount and has been widely copied but never equalled. It is machined from high tensile strength aluminum and can be made into a full length vent rib for straight bull barrels. Various type and height rings are usable with it to accommodate most scopes. However, large scopes are your worst enemy on hard kickers. We can help you by advising which scopes we have confidence in for various calibers. We usually have a large stock of various scopes.
Special mounts that tilt down are available for long range rifles to allow a 100 yard zero on the top mil dot. A one piece base for the Savage Striker or Weatherby will allow mounting of any scope. The T’SOB is a custom installation for almost any rifle or single shot handgun or revolver.
  • Arrestors: On some calibers a braking device is important. The Arrestors are well suited to the calibers they are fitted to. They are not ‘one size fits all’ but of different size, shape and configuration depending on caliber, the particular firearm and how much braking effect is desired. We normally do not vent gasses to the side in order to protect anyone to the side from debris of firing being vented in their direction. Special applications, such as machine guns and extremely hard recoiling rifles, are quoted on an individual basis.

Custom rifles the way you like them. This is an Ed Brown action, Shilen Supreme Match Grade barrel, H-S stock, steel trigger guard and floor plate, T’SOB scope mount and a Leupold 2-8 variable. First time out with Black Hills 168 Match it shot three into 1/2″. Can be made in either stainless or your rifle can be SSK Chromed. Left hand available.


Ruger M77 Magnum conversion to 500 Whisper®. 750 grain Hornady at 1050 fps, 650 grain at 1900 fps from a 17″ barrel. May be suppressed. Numerous other potent calibers available.


SSK custom rifles are shown in a 50 caliber Remington 700, A 577 Nitro Express, A Browning 71 converted to 50 Alaskan and another big bore Remington 700. Conversions like this are everyday business at SSK.


Three different type Custom SSK rifles. The top is a Remington 700 .308 in a Choate tactical stock. Next is a Suppressed M-70 Winchester in 308 set up for animal control. Bottom unit is a SSK suppressed M-70 in 338 WHISPER®. If you haven’t tried a WHISPER® yet, you are missing one of the better things in life. 


A 50-70 CONTENDER Carbine is a handy, efficient big game unit for big game at close range or just plain fun shooting.



Keith Forsythe decided on a McMillan SS action, Lija SS three groove barrel , Accuracy Innovations stock topped off with a Nightforce 5x 22×50 with zero stop. His first 500 yard three shot group was 2.5”.