This SSK supressed 308 is built on a Remington stainless M-700 action. Scope is the new Nightforce 2–10 Xmilitary model with several reticules optional. Rifle and suppressor finishes optional.


Firearms: SSK is licensed as a class ll manufacturer, which means we can legally deal in machine guns and suppressors. We build suppressed firearms of various types from sniper rifles through machine guns through suppressors. Suppressed 22 pistols and rifles are very popular. The 300, 338 and .50 Whispers® are the most popular. The 300 has been purchased by numerous governmental agencies, military units and police departments. Suppressed Whispers® from 6 mm through .50 caliber are available to qualified buyers. Other than police or governmental agencies, qualified buyers are individuals in states where suppressors are allowed who do not have felony convictions.

338 Whisper® subsonic cartridge loaded to1050 FPS with the Sierra 300 gain Matchking in the SSK suppressed AR-10 and bolt action guns is capable of accuracy of under .5 MOA at 100 yards.

FN M-70 detachable box mag 375 Whisper® with two point mount SSK suppressor and thread protector. Available in 302, 338. 375 and 416 Whisper®.

Ruger’s new Scout rifle converted to a silenced 338 Whisper®. It also works with the 30, 375 and 416 Whisper® cartridges. Outstanding quiet power and accuracy.


Frank Hoagland was the inspiration behind the 6” barreled M-16 here shown in full auto with Trigicon sight and SSK suppressor.


Frank shown running close combat drill with the 6” 5.56.


Full auto results of a variety of positions with and without a stock on the Hoaginator.