Above: Slow motion of a fuse fired small black powder cannon shot. Above: Full Auto Burst from a WW11 Bren gun with 303 British dated 1942 ammunition Above: Full auto burst from a rare German MG15.8mm Above: Slow Motion of a shot from a Russian PTRS 14.5mm anti tank RifleAbove: This is a 100 round burst from a very rare Z81 German WW11 dual barrel 8Above: Bowling ball canon shot into a van Above:50 Alaskan Encores shooting APIT on steel Above: Sub Sonic 820 grain spotter tracer from a 510 Whisper® impacting steel at long rangeAbove: 10 Shot Full Auto burst close up of bolt feeding and ejecting in slow motionAbove: 18 Shot Full Auto burst from M-16 300Whisper® ejection pattern Above: 260 Remington vs. gallon of water in slow motion Above: Slow motion 10 shot burst from a M16 300Whisper®AboveSlow motion 1905 Madsen LMG 30-06, 29 shot burst